it’s simple, really:

we do technology.

What services do we offer?

At Akiva, we are all about technology. You could say we live and breathe it and for some of us it’s a bit of an obsession. The way we all work now relies so heavily on technology that in order for you to work, not only efficiently but more effectively, you need that technology to keep up with those constant changes.

Let us virtually sit you down and discuss what you REALLY want to achieve with your business technology and then let us deliver a solution that won’t date in 5 minutes or put your business under a huge financial strain. With a forward thinking approach and a good old kiwi ‘number 8 wire’ mentality, we’ve proven we can compete and win against the ‘big boys’. (big boys aka S*&^k and V@#!&$+e)

Cloud Solutions

includes an internet connection, because you need at least one of those to connect to the Cloud, telephone lines (SIP) as well as data storage, security and backup.


Before you consider connecting to the Cloud, you’ll need to make sure your internal wiring and wireless can do the job.  We can retrofit, tidy up and fix existing structure cabling as well as install new outlets and we can provide a site scope and advise on the best options for wireless coverage. We’ll take into consideration the shift to more smartphone use and the general acceptance that WiFi be available to all on site, including visitors.

Audio Visual

If you can watch it or listen to it, we can supply it. From gyms and boardrooms to large homes, we’ve got you covered.


Ok, so you now have a new internet connection and data network but you still need the hardware to make it all work. We do everything: Routers, Switches, Firewalls, UPS, Phones, Phone Systems, Headsets, Laptops, PC’s and TV’s. You name it, we have it and more importantly: we support it!

We find the easiest way to get things sorted for you and your business, is to simply talk about it! Drop as a line using the form below, or give us a bell on (03) 982 7180

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