About Akiva

Akiva, formerly The Phone Guys Limited and CGAV Limited, is your new one stop technology shop.  We are a small but effective team who pride ourselves on answering the phone quickly, providing you with the right answers to your technical questions and if we can’t, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can, then deliver the best technology solution for your business.

With 14 years – and some very large Earthquakes under our belt, we embraced Cloud services early, so we are REALLY, REALLY good at delivering them.

You can ask any of our customers if you want!

Akiva’s Visions & Goals

Our vision, is to have a workplace that people actively want to be part of. This includes our staff working alongside our customers and suppliers. To achieve this, we are going to use some real magic: knowing every customer and supplier by name, knowing their site inside and out and by confidently solving our customers technology problems so they can be the best at their business.

Akiva’s Core Values

We want to be different. Not in a way like everyone else tries to be, but different by focussing on what really matters:
Excellent customer service, the latest technology and highly trained and experienced staff.
We pride ourselves on being reliable, easy to deal with and just plane down to earth – just what most customers are looking for!

Akiva is also greatly socially and environmentally aware, supporting and sponsoring the social enterprise Bee Awesome.

Meet the Team

Hayley Guglietta

Director/Technical Sales and Marketing Manager

About Hayley

Hayley has a long association with Avaya IP Office Systems both as a Technician and a Sales expert. She embraced SIP after the February 2011 Earthquake as a way to move her customers out of the CBD quickly and get their businesses back up and running. Since then she hasn’t looked back and can’t remember the last time they put an analogue or ISDN service in.

When Hayley is not working, you will find her either in her garden, the Richmond Community Garden or playing with her chickens and bees.

Hayley sits on the board of Avebury House Community Trust, The Richmond Community Garden, the Christchurch Envirohub and is Chairman of the Richmond Business and Residents Association.

Hayley also holds an MBA from Canterbury University which she completed in 2010.

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Brenda Franz

The ‘Fix-it’ Chick

About Brenda
We reckon Brenda has more knowledge about Telecommunications provisioning than the combined teams of Spark and Vodafone.  She has been around for over 20 years and has worked for both Telecom, Telstraclear and Hub stores, this gives her a comprehensive understanding of how the big networks work.  This is her superpower! she can get to the bottom of problems quickly to get them resolved.  Her industry knowledge is really useful if you need an audit done on your current set up as she can show you how small changes can often result in a better solution as well as cost savings.

Brenda likes to spend early mornings gardening before it gets too hot.  She is very crafty and likes to upcycle furniture.

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Philippa Harris-Conyers

Operations/Office Manager

About Philippa

Philippa’s main job is to keep the ship pointing in the right direction, we don’t know how she does it, but she does.  

She has 4 children to wrangle at home and another 5 to wrangle at work, then on top of that she does all our administration, accounts, programming and workflow.  

The majority of the physical programming for our cloud solutions is done by Philippa before the phones go out on site.
You would think she has no time for anything else but she loves to read, socialise and spend time at the side of a basketball court or a swimming pool.

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