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Akiva Remote Support

Akiva Remote Support is a cost-effective technology that allows our technicians to service your PABX or IP handset from our office through a designated PC on your office network.

Akiva Remote Support is useful in so many ways, particularly when it comes to saving time and money.  All you need is a broadband connection.

Akiva Remote Support is safe and secure. The only person logging into your network from a remote location is the authorised technician. If you don’t grant access, we can’t connect and you are in control of the activity at all times.


Akiva Remote Support is convenient. You can schedule one of our technicans to service your PABX or IP handset any time of the day, on the same day you call, or after hours if that suits you better.

Akiva Remote Support does not rely on location. You may be located far outside of our service area. Our support is available for you when you need it.

Akiva Remote Support saves time. You don’t pay fees for travel time or waste time waiting for someone to arrive.

Once you have arranged for a support session, click on the button below to begin.