Avaya IP400 Dig Station 16V2 External Exp Module (700359839)

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This  refurbished unit is in really good condition.

Provides an additional 16 digital station (DS) ports for your Avaya IP Office system.

A free standing module that can go on or under other IP Office modules.

The changes with DS V2 and DS V1 version is:

The DS V2 ports have been rotated 180° to allow easier connection access
 The DS V2  port status LED’s have been moved and grouped adjacent to the ports
The DTE serial port on the rear of the DS V2 module has been changed to a 9-pin D-type 
The DS V2 uses an earthed 3-pin 60W external power supply unit (V1 uses a 45W)

IP400 Digital Station V2 Compatibility

IP403  –  IP406 V1  –  IP406 V2  –  IP412

IP500 running R4.2 or earlier; Professional Edition is required

IP500 running R5.0 or higher

IP500 V2 running R6.0 or higher

Digital station ports for use with 1400, 2400, 4400, 5400, and 6400 series digital telephones. Also compatible with 3810 wireless telephone.

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