Jabra PRO 9460 Duo Headset

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The Jabra PRO 9460 headset is optimized for customer service staff.

Features Include:  Skype For Business   –   Stereo   –   Wireless   –   Dect Wireless Technology   –   150.9m Wireless Operating Distance   –   Over-the-head Binaural   –   Supra Aural   –   Noise Cancelling Microphone

You’ll be able to switch seamlessly from deskphone to softphone because the headset comes with two speakers that enables employees to take calls from their desk and softphone with one headset.

With the microphone features advanced noise cancelling technology, you can be sure every call ensures clear, understandable conversations for your employees and customers.

Also the duo speakers ensure your employees hear customers loud and clear even in noisy or open plan offices.

Optional  Accessories For Convenience & Comfort: 

Jabra 14201-10 Audio Cable

Jabra Electronic Switch – USB – Microphone

Jabra 14201-09 Hook Switch


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