Yealink W60 Base With W56H Handset – VoIP Phones

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The Yealink W60P can support up to 8 DECT phones and 8 simultaneous calls and each handset is capable of 30 hours of talk time and up to 400 hours of standby time. Complemented with a very sharp looking 2.4″ (240 x 320 pixel) LCD color display

Sleek looking, yet powerful DECT  phone when needing mobility around the office

Additional handsets to expand your system when called for

The W60P package consists of one W60Base and one W56Handset


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The Yealink W60 package has been ideally positioned in the marketplace for on-the-move employees across industries such as factory settings, warehousing/distribution sites, catering as well as retail.

The phone menus are easy to use and understand with typical everyday features to put the phone on hold, transfer a call or even conference in a third party. Also has keys to mute, turn on speakerphone, and access to voicemail. Another impressive feature being you can set the phone to answer as soon as it is lifted from the cradle, thus saving a key press.

The battery life is impressive along with a quick charging time – 10 minutes charge results in 2 hours of talk time.

Indoor range is 20-50m while the outdoor range is a very respectable 300m.

Features an industry standard 3.5mm headset jack as opposed to the non-standard 2.5mm jack that was used on the W52P.



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