When we decided to say bye bye to The Phone Guys and Hello AKIVA we spent a whole lot of time and energy on deciding what we really wanted to achieve. What that boiled down to was “to have a workplace that people actively want to be part of” not just our employees, but our employees family, our friends, our customers and even our suppliers.

At the end of the day business is about people, and we want our people to feel welcome when they contact us, we want our employees families and our friends to feel its ok to drop by when they need to and we welcome our suppliers showing us new products, because you never know what might turn out to be something one of our customers is looking for.

We like to work along side an organisation rather than being reactive, we often capture issues before they occur and by getting to know a customer and a site as best we can, our customers don’t have to give us the full lengthy history every time they call.

The ole adage “together everyone achieves more” sits at the heart of our vision.  Check out my favourite funny team video.