2 talk is Akiva’s wholesale partner for delivering Internet, lines and tolls to our customers, 2Talk is owned by Vocus Group who have acquired a number of Australasian Telcos over the past few years including Call plus, black and white to name a few.  The 2talk cloud platform is really designed for small businesses that have fairly basic call flow requirements but want a solid and reliable telephony platform.

All New Zealand and Australian numbers can be easily ported across to the 2talk platform from their existing suppliers this includes 0800, 0508 and DDI numbers it costs $20 per number one off cost to port.  Allow at least 5 days to port a number an ensure the information is taken from the existing supplier so that the port is not rejected, ideally get a copy of the customers bill.

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2 talk

To access your 2talk portal go to www.2talk.co.nz your user name and password is set by Akiva and is located in our secure Workflow system.

The 2talk cloud PABX system offers a great mid range telephony solution for up to 20-30 users, it can do hunt groups, automatic after hours, conferencing, voicemail and BLF where the users are on the same site or if they are across mulitple sites and use the same ISP

Where 2 talk cloud does not work or you need to think about how you can make it work is where you have lots of analogue devices, bells etc where Faxing is required to be immediate and secure.

2talk have a mobile app but if the customer needs to more advanced mobility features then a more advanced cloud solution or in house PABX such as AVAYA may be required.  2talk cloud does not currently offer Skype for business integration, CRM integration or Call Centre applications.