Avaya 1603 IP Deskphone

A quality feature about the 1603 phone is that it allows you to plug a phone into any Ethernet port and the system will automatically recognise it.

Because of this plug and play aspect companies don’t mind adding into their phone system mix.

So it’s an excellent entry level phone and makes for an ideal companion to the more advanced IP and digital phones.

And as well being feature rich with one touch buttons for popular everyday telephone tasks too.

The Avaya 1603 is the perfect VoIP phone for busy offices, designed with reliability you expect from the Avaya range.

So for easy to view access in using most features – just click on the link:   1603 Avaya Quick Reference Guide

For more information click on the Avaya 1603 link covering administration, overview and requirements:   1603 Avaya User Guide

Our 1603 refurbished phones can be obtained through Akiva’s Refurbished Products website listed here: listed