Avaya 9608G IP Phone

#Avaya 9608G IP Phone

This phone is good as a reception phone for businesses with less than 25 staff and great for people how pick up overflow calls and do a lot of transferring.  The screen is interactive and when you change a label it will change it on the screen so there is no need to worry about printing labels.  Most of your normal day to day functions are present on the phones hard buttons.  You can use an Electronic hook switch to connect most cordless headset so that you don’t need a lifter and you can control the incoming calls from your headset.

Avaya 9608G IP Phone with 8 lines and multiple pages giving a total of 24 administrative buttons that can be programmed for any features and BLF extensions.  Commonly used features are either on individual buttons or in the the features key.  Full Duplex Speaker phone.  Headset port and second Gigabit Ethernet Interface.  POE Class (IEEE 802.3af).

The Hard Buttons are for Phone, contacts, messages, navigation, home, headset, volume control, speaker and mute.  Red LEDs for speaker, Mute, headset, message, history.

Check out the full specifications at Avaya

Proprietary to Avaya Systems. Supported on Avaya IP 500 V2

Not supported on the small office systems and you need to be of software version 5 plus on the IP500 V1 and V2 systems.

Avaya 9608G IP Phone