ARLO Go Camera

How do I set up my Arlo Go camera?

Place your Arlo Go camera in a location with good cellular network coverage. Make sure the SIM card is activated.

Open the battery compartment by pressing the latch and pulling back gently.

Step 3.png

Check to make sure that the SIM card is installed in the left card slot of the camera.

step 4.png

Align the battery contacts and insert the battery.

step 6.png

Close the battery door.

Step 7.png

If you do not have an Arlo account, download the Arlo app for iOS or Android or visit and tap or click the + icon. If you already have an Arlo account, launch the Arlo app or log in to and tap or click Add Device.
Select Arlo Go.
Tap or click Continue.
Press and release the sync button on the top of the camera. You will hear a click.

Step 11.png
Hold your Arlo Go camera about 20cm in front of the QR code on your computer or mobile device screen until you hear a chime.
If you hear a chime, tap or click Yes, I heard a chime.
If you do not hear a sound, tap or click Back to try again, then move the camera closer to or farther away from the QR code.

It can take up to three minutes for Arlo to discover your camera.