Avaya 1616 IP Telephone

Avaya 1616 provides excellent call quality and exceptionally good while used in conference calls because of the integrated speakerphones.

Because the 1616 looks a good solid phone, it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in even the most prestigious office.

Once office staff understand some of the more advanced characteristics the 1616 soon becomes easier to work with.

Considered to be ideal placement for team managers, busy receptionists, and even the most demanding users.

Wired and wireless headsets can be easily attached to the Avaya 1616 through its integrated headset jack.

Options available to purchase the 1616 as refurbished and new.  Obtained through Akiva’s website under Refurbished Products listed here: listed

For an overview of phone functionality click on this link:  Avaya 1616 quick reference guide

Check an overall picture of the 616 on this link:  Avaya 1616 User Guide