Avaya 5620IP Telephone

The overwhelming highlight for the Avaya 5620IP phone has to be it’s 24 programmable line and feature buttons.

Because of it’s full feature line up covering basic to all-inclusive business needs the Avaya 5620IP becomes an ideal choice for sales people, executives and operators.

So a great addition to your Avaya system if you’re lucky enough to come upon refurbished phone(s).

Compatibility Avaya products are:  IP500/403/406/412/Small Office Edition – Version 1.3 or higher with available IP Station Port

The 5620IP series can be obtained through our Akiva refurbished product line on Akiva’s website here, just click on listed.  listed

You can click on the link for more details:  Avaya 5620 user’s Guide Manual

But for a quick reference overview just click here:  akiva.co.nz/…19/02/Avaya-5620-q-guide.pdf