Avaya 1608 IP Telephone

The 1608 series are available as an Akiva refurbished digital telephone obtained through Akiva’s website here: listed

Still be sought after as an excellent phone solution in everyday busy office centres because of their high level of functionality being practicable for all levels of users.

Priced at a level especially around small business budgets, they stand out as a great choice when looking to move into IP phone systems for flexible connectivity.

Because the 1608 phone plugs into any ethernet port connected to the system it’s automatically recognised and office changes or moves become much easier.

High Definition wideband audio sound quality built-in provides sharp crystal clear hearing and exactly same quality assured using a headset.

Just keep in mind the 1608 phone can be used with Avaya IP Softphone.

For more features and display usage click here:    Avaya 1608 Quick Reference Guide

Helpful instructions found on the link provided:    Avaya 1608 User Guide