Programming a Yealink Phone for 2talk Cloud Services


Programming a Yealink Phone for 2talk Cloud Services

Yealink 21P SIP Phone

Yealink SIP Phone

Connect the phone to your network by plugging an ethernet cable into the back of the phone where it says “internet”.  If the switch you are connecting the phone to has POE then your do not need a power pack if it does not have poe then you will need a Yealink Approved power pack.

Once the phone has finished initialising press the ok button to find the IP Address. Open a new Web browser on your computer and type the IP Address into the box. The Yealink page will come up. The default user name is admin the default password is admin, please change the password to the Akiva standard (this is important to avoid hackers hacking the phone). How to do this will be explained further down.

Go to accounts and set up the account with the details you have provided or set up in 2talk.

1.Enable Account

Label is the Users name

Display, Register and User name are your 2Talk phone number.

Password is your 2Talk password.

Server Host is with port 5061,

Transport is TLS

Server expires is 300

Scroll down click Confirm , note please click confirm on all pages when you have completed your changes.

2.On the left hand side you will see tabs, go to Advanced Tab, and click.

Only change the following settings.

Voicemail put in *55

Group Pick Up put in *88


Leave Line Key 1

Line Key 2 can be changed to either BLF ( transfer internally using the number, name and Ext number.) or Speed dial for transferring externally to anyone using their phone number.

4. Go to the Feature tab at the top and click on it.

*Under General Information only change the following.

Key as send change to disabled.

Accept SIP Trust server only change to Enabled

Allow IP Call change to Disabled.

*Under Transfer

Ensure all Transfers are enabled, Change Transfer mode Via DSS the Attended transfer.

*Pick up & Park

Group call pick up, change to enabled

Group Call pick up Code put in *88

*Power LED

Misscall power light flash change to disabled.

*Notification Popups

Display Missed call popup, change to disable.

5. Settings

*Time & Date

Time Zone, change to New Zealand

Location, change to New Zealand

6. Security

Old Password – Admin

New Password – Change as you wish. Please ensure you can remember your password to be able to make changes in the future.