Avaya 1403 Digital Telephone

The familiar Avaya look to this age-old phone gives no grounds to overlook the 1403 phone because this model will still fit in very nicely as an extra deskphone for Avaya IP Office Release 6.0 or later

Available As A Refurbished Product Line Now   

Obtained through Akiva’s website found under Refurbished Products here: listed

Because the 1403 can be relied upon in busy office situations, it can be a great entry level phone especially if a more advanced digital phone is not required.

Avaya 1403 Digital Telephone Guide Below:

Name Description

Message Waiting Indicator

An illuminated red light in the upper-right corner of your phone indicates you have voicemail messages waiting. If Visual Alerting is enabled, this light flashes when you receive an incoming call.

Avaya Menu

Press the A button to access the Avaya menu. Press the A button twice to exit the Avaya menu. The Avaya menu provides options that allow you to customize phone settings, select the display language, view network information, and log out.


Press Redial to dial the last number you dialed.


Press Hold to put the active call on hold.


Press Conference to add another party to an existing call.


Press Transfer to transfer a call to another number.


Press Drop to drop the active call. While on a conference call, press Drop to drop the last person added to the conference call.


Press + or – on the volume button while active on the handset or speaker to adjust the volume. To adjust the volume of the ringer, press + or – on the volume button while the handset and speaker are inactive.


Press Mute to mute a call in progress. To take a call off mute, press Mute again.


Press Speaker to use the speakerphone. To take a call off speakerphone, lift the handset.

Feature Buttons and Appearance Buttons

There are 3 buttons that can be programmed by the system administrator as either call appearance buttons or feature buttons. Press a call appearance button to make or answer a call or resume a call on hold. Press a labeled feature button to enable or disable that feature. Typically, two buttons are administered as call appearance buttons and one button is administered as a feature button. The feature button provides access to an Avaya call management system feature that has been administered for your extension. The green LED next to the feature button indicates if the feature is currently on or off. If the light is on, the feature is on.

1603 PhoneThis guide covers the operation of 1403 telephone on a IP Office telephone system. Note that not all features described in this user guide may be available on your telephone. If you find that a feature is not available, contact your system administrator.