Creating a simple VLAN on Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch

#Ethernet Switches#VLAN Setup

These steps are used to create a simple VLAN on a Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch,
Before we start, we need to identify the VLAN’s we want to create, the purpose of the VLAN and the number of ports we want to assign to that VLAN.

In this example, VLAN1 is the default VLAN on the EdgeSwitch (IP address will be that of current network ie (
We are going to use VLAN20 as the Guest Wireless VLAN. It has been assigned an IP range of from the router. (Router configuration can be found here)

To access the switch, open a web browser and log in via the IP address. In this case
You will be prompted for the username and password. These will be either default if this is the first time configuring the switch or what ever you changed them to after initial configuration.

Once you have logged in, click on VLAN tab next to Port Summary of the home page. This can also be found under Basic > VLAN.
The VLAN Wizard screen will appear and will show the current VLAN’s assigned

Switching > VLAN > Add
Enter VLAN ID – 20 > Submit
Tick VLAN20 > Edit > Change Name to Guest Wireless > Submit


Switch Ports need to be defined for the VLAN. In this example Ethernet link from router is connected to Port 16 on the switch.
Change Port 24 on VLAN30 to T (Tagged) that will allow traffic from all VLANS to access switch.
We now need to exclude the selected Ports you want to use for VLAN20.
We are going to use ports 19-20 for VLAN20. Under default VLAN change ports 19-20 to E (Exclude) and change 19-20 on VLAN20 to U (Untagged).

Save Configuration.