SIP – Parking a Call on SIP

Parking a Call on SIP

1..  Log into the SIP account with the appropriate credentials.

2..  Under the column maked ‘Advanced’ click on ‘Call Parking’

3..  Tick ‘Enable Call Parking’ this will activate the feature for all users on the account.

Call parking and retrieval can only be done by phones that are on the same account AND in the same group. If you enable call parking on an extension then call parking will become automatically available to all other phones in that group without having to enable the feature on every line.

4..  Select the Parking First Extension Number (e.g. ‘700’ will result in 700 being the first parking slot)

5..  Select the number of parking slots you need to have available ie 10
(If set to 10 then this will allow for 10 parking slots from the starting slot number. For example 700-709)

6..  Select the Parking time in seconds ie 120 – 2 minutes

(Number of seconds a call can be parked before a timeout and return to the caller or a forwarding rule)

7..  Populate the Parking Return Destination, this is drop down box, you can go back to the number that did the parking or select a number to forward the call to: (If the call park times out then either return the call to the caller that parked the call or forward on to another number)

8..  Select a Parking Return Forwarding Number: (If parking return destination is set to Forward then which number should we dial after a Parking timeout?)

9.. Click on ‘Save Options’ at the bottom of the screen.

To park a call transfer the call to: *07
(To park a call to a specific parking extension you can also dial *07xx (e.g. *0700 will park the call on slot 700)

To retrieve a parked call from an extension dial: *1xxx – where xxx is the extension you wish to retrieve
(For example to retrieve a call from extensions 700 you would dial *1700. You may also dial *17 and enter the extension after the prompt)