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Avaya 9608G IP Phone

This phone is good as a reception phone for businesses with less than 25 staff and great for people

Avaya 5410 Digital Telephone

These robust 5410 Avaya Digital Telephone are now available through Akiva's website of Refurbished

Avaya 5402 Digital Telephone

The 5402 series are only available as an Akiva refurbished digital telephone.  Obtained through Aki

Avaya 5620IP Telephone

The overwhelming highlight for the Avaya 5620IP phone has to be it's 24 programmable line and featur

Avaya 5621IP Telephone

When you first see the Avaya 5621IP phone operating the large backlit graphical display looks all en

Avaya 1408 Digital Telephone

Well liked because the 1408 phone works hassle-free for users requiring basic phone features very ea

Avaya 1403 Digital Telephone

The familiar Avaya look to this age-old phone gives no grounds to overlook the 1403 phone because th

Avaya 1416 Digital Deskphone

An absolute favourite model among the Avaya family of phones because this great looking phone is sti

Avaya 1603 IP Deskphone

A quality feature about the 1603 phone is that it allows you to plug a phone into any Ethernet port

Avaya 1608 IP Telephone

The 1608 series are available as an Akiva refurbished digital telephone obtained through Akiva's web

Avaya 1616 IP Telephone

Avaya 1616 provides excellent call quality and exceptionally good while used in conference calls bec